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Welcome to the Fauna Survey Returns System

The Fauna Survey Returns System contains records of Western Australian fauna from wildlife licences issued under the Wildlife Conservation Regulations 1970, of the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950. It is an online system for the submission of licence return data as a conditional requirement of licences to take fauna. Predominantly the data has been collected under the Regulation 17 licences to take fauna for scientific purposes. However data can be uploaded for any licence type, including Regulation 15 licences to take fauna for education or public purposes.

This database was developed during 2004-2006 as a project co-ordinated by the Royal Society of Western Australia with funds provided by Lottery West, and was launched in October 2008.

Members of the general public can access data relating to the distribution of Western Australian Fauna by using the NatureMap website. NatureMap contains data from the Fauna Survey Returns System and a range of other datasets, including the former WA Museum FaunaBase.

What type of information is available from Fauna Survey?

Fauna Survey contains records for mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates. The records may be of captures, sightings or evidence of the species. The records are publically available through NatureMap.

Who can use Fauna Survey?

If you have applied for and received a Licence to Take Fauna for Scientific Purposes (Regulation 17, Wildlife Conservation Regulations 1970), you will be issued with a licence number and personal identification number. You will be able to login and submit your licence returns using the licence number and person id number that appears on the top of the licence. Holders of other wildlife licence types may need to request their personal identification number from Wildlife Licensing, if it is not printed on their issued licence.

If you do not have a Licence to Take Fauna, you can still access the records through NatureMap.

How do I get started?

Registered Members can Login here to upload their Fauna Survey Returns, query the amalgamated data and download query results in CSV format.

If you have any issues using the returns system please email the details of the issue, problem or error message, to fauna_retuns@dpaw.wa.gov.au.